We Are Members Of

The UK200Group, in turn, is a member of The International Association of Practising Accountants.  Thus, through our UK200Group association, we have access to UK200Group and IAPA members’ offices throughout the world.  UK200Group and IAPA member firms offer business promotion through trade and travel, and have access to a wide range of consultancy expertise designed to assist clients on an international basis.  Continuous improvement in our relationships are provided by:

o   Continuous interchange between members on significant developments in taxation, audit, accounting, corporate law, and business matters on an international basis.

o   Work-exchange visits enabling partners and senior staff to gain first hand experience of other countries' professional work and business practices.

o   Joint international client engagements carried out by member firms.

o   Regional and global seminars providing a forum for exchange and discussion.

...all designed to help clients improve their businesses and to allow us to provide a higher level of service to clients.  ABBM Group works hard at maintaining personal relationships with senior partners in our member firms around the world.   Clients traveling to markets overseas can call on the local UK 200 Group or IAPA member for business, accounting, tax, and other help and advice.  These affiliations give us access to more that 200 offices in principal cities around the world.  In the U.S., there are approximately 20 members of IAPA.

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